Join my cause: maximum penalty for the men who hacked up peanut the puppy


Welcome to the cause! We’re excited to have you, and hope you’ll get involved and spread awareness by inviting your friends to join.

The 2 men are trying to plead insanity to get off on charges. Lets rally together and sign the petition so that they get more than the maximum penalty Hardened police officers have been shocked by the horrifying torture, mutilation and brutal slaying of a seven month old fox terrier puppy near Mackay at the weekend.

If found guilty, they could face up to two years in prison. Police have obtained video footage from a mobile phone which shows graphic images of the puppy yelping and howling in terrible pain as it hacked to pieces with garden shears and a pocked knife. They said the owners were too distressed to talk to anyone about it. The pups nose was cut off, its front right leg and rear left leg were cut off and it was decapitated. A three-part video series on a mobile phone shows the dog being tortured. The maximum penalty under the Animal Care and Protection Act for such an offence is $75,000 or two years in jail; however the maximum penalty ever handed out has been a four month jail term. WE BELIEVE THESE MEN SHOULD RECIEVE THE MAXIMUM PENALTY AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA FOR THIS SADISTIC, DISGUSTING ACT. This was taken from the petion page, please visit the petion page and sign the petition 1. animal cruelty full stop should not be tollerated, lets make and example of these men so other people think twice before commiting similar offences. 2. They should be treated as harshly as criminals are for acts of cruelty/murder etc towards humans

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Patrick Mcgowan

2 comments on “Join my cause: maximum penalty for the men who hacked up peanut the puppy

  1. Please kill them!! Why is the life of an animal any less valued then a humans??? Kill them and string them up in front of town hall as a warning to all the sick sociopaths that all life is valued and those who don’t respect that do not deserve to live among the rest of us!! The sicko’s of this planet need to be put to death swiftly. These sicko’s recorded trial needed!! If they could do this to an animal they will do it to a child and then a woman and then their own mother’s!! Kill them, as we no beyond a shadow of a doubt they did it!! WTF it wrong with people!! WHAAAAA!! So sick!!!

  2. diana blackwell says:

    I am very anguish,upset,and I feel like they should torture,multilate,and decapitate them like they did with poor little helpless peanut. Nobody should let or do such horrible stuff to any animal,weither it be small or big.I totally agree with Susan dodge no trial,no mercy.

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