Three of Ryan’s hard-men to take over terror mob

TAKEN FROM THE Evening Herald ….

Three of Ryan’s hard-men to take over terror mob 
BOTH these men are from Donaghmede and were extremely close to Ryan are said to be “beside themselves with grief” over the savage murder which was organised by a number of crime gangs based in the Coolock area.

Another criminal who is expected to become even more prominent in the gang is a heavily tattooed hardman from the Baldoylearea who was directly involved with Ryan during many of his extortion rackets against criminals and business people.This man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was involved in an assault against a major drugs trafficker in a north Dublin nightclub in March which led to an escalation in a feud between the Real IRAfaction and the drugs gang.This incident happened in the same prominent club where an earlier feud kicked off, this time during the Christmas period, when the crime gang beat up a close associate of the RIRAfaction.The March attack happened after the hardman was challenged to a ‘straightener’ by the major drug dealer. A massive investigation into Ryan’s murder is continuing and so far officers have made one arrest.This suspect was arrested on Thursday night for withholding information in relation to the murder — but sources say that he had no direct involvement in the gangland killing.

The man aged in his 50s is a taxi driver from north Dublin who was not known for any previous involvement in serious crime — he was released without charge on Saturday evening.

Ryan’s massive paramilitary funeral in Donaghmede on Saturday morning continues to attract huge controversy, especially because a volley of shots were fired over Ryan’s coffin as it left his family home shortly after 9am.

Gardai made no arrests at that stage because of major fears that such an action would lead to a “full-scale riot situation”.

However a major investigation — which is being led by officers at Clontraf Garda Station — has now opened in relation to this specific incident and sources say that gardai are confident of making arrests in the coming days.


2 comments on “Three of Ryan’s hard-men to take over terror mob

  1. Roisin Kane says:

    I’m disappointed that you are stooping to the level of the gutter press by reprinting the article from the Evening Herald on the so called take over of new bosses as a result of Alan Ryan’s untimely death. Don’t you realise you are putting other people in danger by giving descriptions of them. Who can say for sure who will take over Alan Ryan’s position??. I expected more from you but I see that quality journalism no longer applies in this country. What a tragedy, the British tabloid press leads the way and the Irish gombeens follow suit, goodbye, I will no longer be part of this.

  2. […] Three of Ryan’s hard-men to take over terror mob ( […]

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