A SHRINE to a UVF double killer has been removed as a picture of him and DUP minister Nelson McCausland has emerged. Tributes to Billy Hunter at the entrance to Asda on Belfast’s Shore Road had been removed on Saturday at the request of his family.

Flowers and other tributes to Billy Hunter line the street outside the Asda on the Shore Road

Hunter set himself alight in the Co Down village of Millisle last month. He had served 14 years for his part in the murder of two Catholic brothers who were lured to their death in the Mount Vernon estate in 1975. Father-of-one John McErlane (29), and his brother Thomas (19), who were both shot in the head. Dozens of tributes were left outside the store where Hunter had worked. Gerard McErlane, a brother of the two murdered men, had called for the tributes to be removed. PUP member Ken Wilkinson said the tributes had been removed on Saturday at the request of Hunter’s family and the flowers had been taken to his grave. He said some flags were still to be removed. 

The shrine was removed as a photograph of Hunter with DUP assembly member Nelson McCausland appeared in a Sunday newspaper. A DUP spokesman said the photograph, which appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Life, was taken three months ago in the Mount Vernon estate. ” The photo was taken at a diamond jubilee party in the Mount Vernon area where Mr Hunter lived,” the spokesman said. ” Nelson and other DUP representatives attend many community events and will have pictures taken with constituents on a regular basis. ” Mr Hunter was a well-known figure in North Belfast and is likely to have been known to any public representative actively working in the area.”

Almost 6,000 people have joined a page called ” Boycott Asda – Shore Road ” if you agree follow  this link and sign-up to boycott : ( But I am calling for a ASDA Global Boycott by all right thinking Catholic’s we are being treated as second class citizens by a multi-store department chain and should take a stand against these people ) on a social networking site. In a post on the page John McErlane’s daughter Seaneen said : ” Please remove any posts that are sectarian. Apart from being inappropriate, it defeats the purpose of the page and makes my family look really bad.We are not of those beliefs. ” The police can prosecute for these posts as hate crimes. I am John McErlane’s daughter and we as a family do not want this ! ” I beleive this page has now made the media and as such they can quote individual postings. How would that look to the world….. If you wish to point score or vent find a more appropriate place to do so. Thank You.”



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