Alan Ryan i ndilcuimhne

On Dublin streets, the vermin came,
The scum-bags that are Ireland‘s shame
to cut you down, to let you die,
while “ law-men” turned the other eye
The gutter rags that laid you bare

with lies and bullshit for their fare
You touched the lives of everyone
as will be seen in days to come
The cowards will for all their days
Glance back and wonder when they’ll pay
And memories will never end,
of Alan, Brother, comrade, friend!



11 comments on “Alan Ryan i ndilcuimhne

  1. tomas mellon says:

    Alans killing has shocked us all, we have all lost a comrade and the people of Dublin have lost a true defender of the community.But what would alan want?mobilise,grow,be active in what you feel you can do to carry on Alans lifes work .will be sadly missed tomas ashe Derry

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  8. Roibeard says:

    Continue his fight

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