In a baby’s castle just beyond my eye
My baby plays with angel toys that money cannot buy

Who am I to wish his back into this world of strife?
No, play on my baby, you have eternal life

When all around is silent and sleep forsakes my eyes
I’ll hear his tiny footsteps come running at my sideHis little hand caresses me so tenderly and sweet
I’ll breathe a little prayer and close my eyes and embrace his in my sleepNow I have a treasure I rate above all other
I have known true glory – I am still his mother….
POSTED ON BEHALF OF :   Paul Buckley

One comment on “I AM STILL KEITH’s MOTHER….

  1. Roisin Kane says:

    What a heartrending tribute from a Mother to a son. I understand your sorrow as I also lost a son, maybe they are conversing now and looking down on us from their Heavenly home.

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