Almost exactly forty four years on from the original Civil Rights March from Coalisland to Dungannon in August 1968, a campaign group made up of Human Rights, Trade Union and Political Activists has been formed and intend to retrace the route of that seminal event. Joining them under the collective of The Coalisland Civil Rights March Committee are an increasing number of members of the legal profession. 
Internationally re-known and highly respected Human Rights Campaigner, Monsignor Raymond Murray, will be the main speaker. He campaigned tirelessly over the last 4 decades on the issues of human rights abuses by the British state. He has been to the forefront of highlighting internment and the abuses in Castlereagh and Gough Interrogation centres. His support and work on behalf of families who have lost loved ones at the hands of the British Army, RUC, UDR and Loyalist Paramilitaries. He has recently stated that “all of the wrongs and injustices that I have campaigned against for over forty years still exist today.” On a weekly basis peoples human rights are being eroded, whether that be the closure of another hospital ward or the internment of Irish citizens.

This march upholds the age old right of ordinary people to demand that their voice be heard on the wide array of matters that are close to their hearts. The issues of mass emigration, lack of jobs, lack of affordable housing, denial of sovereignty, erosion of welfare rights, internment without trial, student fees and the continued erosion of civil and human rights, among others, plague Irish society in 2012. The march will end in Ann Street, Dungannon where in 1963 the Ann Street Homeless Citizens League organised the first squat as those denied their right to public housing engaged in very peaceful and effective protest. The fact that in 2012 more people are on the waiting list for housing in Dungannon than there were in 1968 speaks volumes. 
This march provides a perfect opportunity for everyone to come along and make their voices heard. Whether you are campaigning against the closure of local Hospitals, against the wide range of repressive legislation, against the forced emigration endured by thousands of young people or whether you are demanding affordable housing for all, accessible healthcare for all, social justice and welfare rights for those feeling the real human cost of economic cutbacks or the right of the Irish people to decide and control their economic and political sovereignty then join us in Coalisland at 2.30pm Sunday 26th August 2012.

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