Nelson McCausland launches attack on ILDC

The Irish Law & Democracy Committee

In the aftermath of the most recent parade in Ardoyne, Nelson McCausland MLA has launched an attack, not just on the Ardoyne residents group GARC, but now he has focused his attention on the The Irish Law & Democracy Committee. He has made a number of outlandish claims against the ILDC in his recent blog. He stated:

“Another issue that arose this morning was the appearance of several men who were wearing blue bibs marked ‘human rights observer’ and who arrived with the republican protestors.  When one of them was asked who he was and what organisation he was from he refused to answer.  Yet he was allowed by the PSNI to walk anywhere with a small video camera, and come close to people from the unionist community pointing his camera into their faces.  I do not believe that wearing a blue bib marked ‘human rights observer’ gives anyone a…

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