Love Takes Action – Change4Children Campaigns – PLEASE SPARE JUST A MOMENT TO HELP! Thank you :)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margret Mead 

Speaking up for children who are suffering yet completely unable to speak up for themselves is arguably the most important thing you can do in terms of fighting child abuse.

 Silence is deadly. Speaking out is important on every single level.

Crucially, people must be more willing to voice their concerns when they are worried for a child, so that child protection services have every opportunity be there when they’re really needed.

If we are to tackle to root causes and factors that contribute to child suffering, governments and individuals around the world must make a genuine commitment to vulnerable children. THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN WHEN PEOPLE LIKE YOU STAND UP AND DEMAND THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD LISTEN AND ACT.

EVERY CHILD to be LOVED, NURTURED and CARED FOR. Every child to be FED, WARM, EDUCATED, SHELTERED and SAFE from violence or the threat of violence in ALL its guises. Every child, free in childhood. Not one child excluded.

 Please spare just a moment to TAKE ACTION AGAINST CHILD ABUSE and support our Change4Children campaigns, via the links below.

  1. Justice For The Children Of Scotland Campaign – To close the legal loophole that enables child abusers in Scotland to escape justice. Abusers are able to walk free after literally torturing children and inflicting untold suffering because present Scottish law is inadequate.
  2. Ireland’s Invisible Children Campaign – To reform Ireland’s child protection system following a recent report (and other previous ones) that confirms the system is inadequate and failing vulnerable children. 112 out of 196 child deaths of children under state provision in the last 10 years could have been prevented.
  3. Amazon Should Not Profit From Child Sex Exploitation – Amazon have recently removed a book that encouraged the secual exploitation of children, following a campaign by Love146. The book was essentially a pedophiles travel guide entitled ‘Age Of Consent: Sex Tourism, A Beginners Guide’.The same author still has similar books for sale on the site, and there are many others. These books must be removed and Amazon must review its safeguarding policy.
  4. Baby P– 5 Years On: I Still Care Campaign This campaign follows our 2009 Master Letter campaign, that reached over 40% of all UK MPs through their own constituents…BECAUSE OFPEOPLE LIKE YOU! In the aftermath of the murder of Baby Peter Connelly, the government promised that lessons had been learned, yet between 1-4 children still die every week as a result of abuse in the UK. 5 years on, we must remind the government that we are still watching very closely to ensure the committment to change made back then is real andenduring.

by Action Against Abuse on Saturday, 11 August 2012 at 08:51 ·

It’s so difficult to convey such overwhelming gratitude over a computer. It’s so impersonal. But we areeternally thankful for the actions of every member who takes the time to support our campaigns on behalf of vulnerable children.

 YOU are Action Against Abuse. With out you, we would be powerless. Because of you, we are hopeful. Thank you.


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