Greater England – King Cnut Before The Tide


The Royal Jubilee and the London Olympics have saved Greater England!

The rebellious Scots have been dealt a mortal blow as their loyalist brethren have flocked to the standard of the Butcher’s Apron Union Jack and the troublesome separatist demagogues of the northern province have been rendered powerless by the old tactic – divide and conquer.

Or maybe not. From Newsnet Scotland:

“The London Olympics, which were hailed as a reaffirmation of Britishness, have in fact made Scots more likely to support independence, according to a poll published in yesterday’s Sunday Times.

The Panelbase survey found that 12% of respondents said that the Olympics had made them more likely to vote in favour of independence, as opposed to just 8% of Scots who say they feel more British because of Team GB’s performance.

The poll also found that the gap between support for independence and support for the Union…

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