We Will be True to You Til Death

  • I wrote this in respect to the many young but spirited people some of whom pm me regarding our identity.This was after the last one on Scotch/Irish Republican volunteers. Their interest and some of their knowledge was very impressive as many were 4,5 6 gen.That makes no difference as where wer born or from etc ,it doesn’t change our   Celtic Irish blood. My Grandfather and my Mother played a major influence on my life in terms of Race ,Culture and Faith,etc. Their wisdom was outstanding.I rem the summer holidays and  spent nearly 3 months with my grandfather in those spiritual Celtic hills of Donegal .Other cousins would be come from England,Glasgow ( Govan , Partick,Croft foot etc)As usual a row would start and wed call the some of them Brits. This didn’t go down well with the old man of wisdom. The way he explained our Celtic ,Irish identity etc remains with me to this day. He said , we are of the O Donnells and OGlacain. Wer here  before the O S….. /by aboutm500 yrs . Is a 4th gen O Donnell in Glasgow more Celtic than a present Donegal O S,,,,,,,. The answer was obvious that we cannot make distinction on our geographical location as wer all the one people. This was the way our Identity  was handed down to all in our areas.                                              We are the Father`s / Mother`s  whose duty in safeguarding our children`s and future  generations, Faith.   “ It Was Faith / Songs That Kept Our Spirits Free ” has a lot of meaning, in terms, regarding Celtic Culture, Gaelic ,Irish Catholic Religion and survival . Long before Christianity came to Ireland, the Celtic Spirituality and wisdom, instilled values by principles that are prevalent today. Their environmental established  lives, created by way of mindsets, character ,beliefs and knowledge etc over centuaries was successful. By all accounts most lived in harmony,by their Cultural,Spiritual  wisdom etc. As with all today ,plenty are searching  a spiritual inner peace ,and many don’t know it. Peace and happiness comes from withen .through our acceptance of reality etc which is spiritual.If we try to control or change things to our wants ,theres no peace. When St Patrick came 5thCentury and introduced Christianity /Catholicism  via amalgamating enough Celtic Spirituality/Customs, his purpose  was achieved. Celtic,Irish Gaelic ,faithful Catholics were Ireland,s National people. A major part of keeping us together came from Celtic Spiritualiy , “ UNITY “. The Claddagh tradition of Love loyalty and Friendship achieved this. Our new Catholicism  was a powerful belief in increasing our well established Faith /(belief in ourselves, Culture ,Customs etc ). The Catholic Doctrine,Bible etc were acceptable to our mindsets etc. Our Faith created our Spirit of defending a unique  Celtic Gaelic , Hibernian/Irish alive. We sang our songs of glory regarding greatness, history etc and thanked God through Religious beliefs etc. This is where Religion and Faith combine ,as the former enhances the latter. Unfortunately Corruption from senior Hierarchy used Catholicism for selfish ,Political and controlling agendas etc,.This didn’t really effect Ireland til 12th Century and then the Protestant Reformation,theough Martin Luther etc.. The Celtic ,Gaelic, Irish Belief/Faith/Catholicism kept our spirits alive and no one would take or change us.Our Resistance, proven til this very day ensured  all this. Look at the Brutality through oppression we resisted, to keep our Identy,Faith, Race,free. This is “ OUR SPIRIT OF FREEDOM “ .We defeated the Vikings ,never succumbed to English or Protestant rule. Their so called rule was always resisted through rebellions regularly. They defeated our Kings, O Donnells, Oneills etc , known as “ the flight of the Wild Geese,” didn’t dampen our resistance .They knew the only way in defeating us, was to destroy our Race ,Religion/Faith was the answer through their brutal oppression.This was their method that  worked everywhere else ,but didn’t quell our Resistance as Celtic Irish Gaelic Faithful Spirits proved.                                                                                          THIS IS WHO WE ARE AND HAS BEEN HANDED DOWN, AS ITS NOW OUR DUTY TO CONTINUE IF WE BELIEVE IN OUR IDENTITY. There is no ultimatum,responsibility, manndate to do so.its a choice by love of our Identity. Each to their own understandings of whats important to them.Similarily all celtic fans are not required to be Catholic, Irish Republican etc as  the football club in sporting terms is their love. Those who support Celtic for football & want to continue traditional Celtic, Irish, faithful proud history of songs ,political or not have also that right.etc .Many of these songs are  on what Celtic, represents was formed on and historical football.during and after the famine our race,Culture faith was almost destroyed in every way. the gaelic league was set up in dublin 1880,0 to revive our true identity. in the US the KOC and Hibernians did similar plus feed & clothed Irish poor. Brother walfrid did also and all were in liason with each other .The Gaeloc league was the basis for the cultural revolution which lead on to 1916.Celtic and Irish Republicanism have been    interlinked since day one. I do not like critiscising Celtic in any way but its Board I feel at a certain level is influenced by free masons. the Masons and Zionest Jews (Israel their HQ) have tried in vain to destroy the catholic church for Centuaries. Masons & zionests have infiltrated the vatican and suspect a strong Celtic Catholic club another target. This is because they will not lift the ban on TBOTOB especially after the Queens visit to dublin.There she honored ,laid a wreath, as paid homage to them at their memorial. She unreserveably appologised for britains actions on Ireland over the years. So the BOTOB get Royal approval, and really her loyal HUN  supporters would be allowed to , but cant singor have voices anyway. Celtic still wont lift the ban.????????? Ive written to them on this but the postman must,nt know of address is as I never got a reply.Im now considering writing to the Masonic Hq on          . This is why Celtic is unique as its more than just a football Club. It unites us all through the Celtic claddagh belief of Love , Loyalty and friendship. The celtic family. Our Celtic Irish, gaelic, faithful identity and club is an honor to a part of.                                                                                  We have all that Rangers havent. all they have is a mythical king Billy who did not represent their invented history. Most wont accept Billys Catholic wife Mary was King James daughter.etc .They have manmade anti catholic traditions which were endorsed by Protestant Churches. Loyalist / Orange orders, that walk the streets. Sectarianism as bigotry came from them and catholic,s reacted, which proves it cannot be said ones as bad to the other. Even so ,It is a shame to see Celtic supporters reducing to their level by reacting. We have songs of history etc .They havent only biggotted or sectarian based Chants. Regarding the Protestant denominations in christian terms, where many decent  good living people  attend are total equals in every respect. Religion is personal and many non catholic Irish republican martyrs like the United Irishmen                                                                                             Ive included a PIC of the last time my 2 Bhoys and I were together at  PARKHEAD      They still go to a few, every season but we used to get to more since they were 10 yro approx.Great memories especially we went ,never experienced a celtic defeat. Iv handed down to them who they are as proud Celtic, Irish, Gaelic, Faithful, Rhebel Bhoys ,Through and through. On the Political side ,I never discussed as concerns on them being influenced rightly or wrongly wasn’t for them . Many questions were asked but I didn’t want any of what our experiences, thoughts,etc for them. There were and still are plenty of injustices after the GFA but my feelings etc I kept from them. To day we talk and my advice is the days of hostilities are over and what achievement did  30 yrs troubles bring. Far too much death misery , despair and the mental psychological effects shall remain til death For what we have today, wasn’t worth the cost especially to those left behind. The total responsibility for all that brought on the troubles and todays injustices are British. The attrocities, horrors  and all throughout the troubles were created due to British  contempt ,Indifference, degrading, corrupt immoral , arrogant ,pomposity etc towards us.Nobody can justify a lot that happened ,but all Brit govts inc Carson, Whitelaw , Heath ,Thatcher etc  were responsible by their actions and decisions and attitude towards us. Today they let the Loyalist /Orange/Loyal Orders who are blatently ,anti –Catholic swagger and walk the streets.They souldnt even exist as The US banned the KKK. but they come over to march with the Neo Nazi fascists here. We must all who believe in our Identy stand firm as       CELTIC, IRISH ,GAELIC, FAITHFUL  PEOPLES.  HAIL HAIL TO THE GLORY OF OUR MIGHTy CELTIC Gaelic Race.  HAIL HAIL to our UNIQUE,   UN BOWED/Broken Spirit`s Will to resist and survival of RACE.                                   WE  WILL NEVER LOOSE OUR SPIRT OF REEDOM                                                        FAITH OF OUR FATHER`S ONLY FAITH,                                                                                                          WE WILL BE TRUE TO THEE TIL DEATH.                                                                                                        AS THIS FAITH CREATED OUR UNITY                                                                                                    THROUGH, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE AND LOYALTY

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Seosamh OGlacain Joe Glackjin



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