Team FUK (Former UK, That Is!)


Melanie Phillips, right wing British journalist and commentator, nationalist and agentprovocateur, has finally called it. The British colonial misadventure in Ireland is all but over. From her column in that arbiter of all things English British, the Daily Mail:

“As Team GB is cheered into the record books at the Olympics, I have been puzzling over whatever happened to Northern Ireland. The province, after all, is not part of Great Britain, which is composed of England, Scotland and Wales, but belongs to the UK – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So if Northern Irish Olympians are competing as part of Team GB, shouldn’t it have been called Team UK?

It appears that Northern Irish Olympians have been given the choice to be in Team GB or Team Ireland — seven are competing for GB, and thirteen for Ireland. So as far are the Olympics…

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