Deir Ezzor Events Summary, Aug 6, 2012::

The military campaign continues for more than 50 days, reaching the city and countryside,
and as a result of the barbarian shelling, 19 martyr, several wounds among civilians some are
in critical conditions. in addition there is a sharp lack in all blood types all city hospitals
which makes the medic’s job very hard.

19 martyrs were documented:

1- Fatima Alhaloosh – dier ezzor (female)
2- Um Mohyy – dier ezzor (female)
3- Mohammad Fayad Alabdulla Alhaji – dier ezzor (male)
4- Abo Baker Taha Asaaran – Mayadien (male)
5- Ragheb Asaad Aleesa – AlbuKamal (male)
6- Issam Ahmad Alsaloom – dier ezzor (male)
7- Mohammad Basheer Alkalmady – dier ezzor (male)
8- Huzaifa Jamal Alkhabour – Albukamal (child)
9- Tareq Mohammad Alabd Alsaad – albukamal (male)
10- Daughter of Abo Khaldoon – Mayadien (female)
11- Mohammad Turkey Alawaad – dier ezzor
12- Noor Waleed Ahmad – Mayadien (child)
13- Ahmad Khaled Almeshaal – dier ezzor (child)
14- Omar Alobayed Alharoon – alqoreya (male)
15- Saleh – dier ezzor (male)
16- Ruqaya Alkheder Aljbr – Mayadien (female)
17- Hanaa Kasar Alelayan – Mayadien (female)
18- Issam HUssien Alabood – Mayadien (male)
19- Mohammad Adnan Almotlq – Mayadien (male)

Deir Ezzor city:
Deir ezzor city waked up of heavy shelling on most of the city regions.
Most of the shelling source was from the political security quarter and military security quarter located in alfouad cinema st. and altalaee camp artillery.
The shelling reached most of the city areas including: Aljubailah, Albaajeen Neighborhood, Alhaweeqa, Alordee, Alhameedeya, Aloomal and Almowadafeen.
Fire flame were seen in the biulding beside alsaraya caffe caused by heavt sheeling on the region.
Fire shooting took place in aldaheya villas and in alhaweeqa from the suspended bridge military check point.

Air force planes were seen in the city sky…at night a demonstration took place in alqossor Neighborhood
condemning the massacars and violence in dier ezzor and country by the assad military and security gangs.

Deir ezzor countryside:

Deir ezzor countryside was also under shelling. the shelling was on Albokamal, Mayadien and Alhseneya.
in Almayadien fire shots were heard along with heavy explosions near the military security quarters,
then the shelling started on the city from different places, more than three bombs per minute was documented falling on the city
were it was reported that more than 400! bombs falled on the city in the last 24 hours.

On the other side in Albokamal the selling restarted on the city more than one time and several bombs falled on altobeyaa Neighborhood and todays attack was the most violence and harsh on albokamal city.

In Alhseneya 6 bombs were documented.

During the night, a demonstration took place in alhseneya and alqoreya calling for dier ezzor and dier ezzor country that is under selling.

Free army in Deir Ezzor and dissidents

the most prominent news among the media is the dissidenting of the syrian prime minister the son of dier ezzor Dr.Reyad Hjab.
this is the dissidenting anouncment among some important information:

Deir Ezzor: fully destructed house

the destruction of building by the syrian assad army beside aldalla square 6-82012

Alshiekh Yassen destruction pictures part2

destruction of buildings in front of state security

Albokamal 6-8-2012 the blood trace of a martyr from the shelling and the destruction of the house.

Martyrs and wounded videos

a woman sniped as she goes out of an infirmary house

wounded in Almayadien

Albokamal wounded civilians

Albokamal Martyr Tareq Alsaad video

Albokamal: Burial of a martyr

Albokamal: Martyr Hozayfa Abdulsalam Alkhaboor

Alqoreya demonstration

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Deir Press Network | D.P.N


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