The Iona Call: Response to Kairos Palestine from Christians in the UK

Kairos Southern Africa

Kairos Palestine: The Iona Call 2012


We, a group of Christians from many parts of the UK and

beyond, gathered on the Isle of Iona in Pentecost week

2012. Under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek  and Dr.

Mark Braverman  we considered our response to the Kairos

Palestine document: “A Moment of Truth – a word of faith,

hope, and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering”



This is our kairos moment – our moment of truth. We are

called to respond boldly to the deepening suffering of our

sisters and brothers in Palestine under occupation by Israel.

We stand in faithfulness and solidarity with Palestinians and

Israelis who are working tirelessly for a peace based on



We believe it is necessary to challenge the deafening silence

of most churches in the face of the continuing injustice of

dispossession and denial of basic human…

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