A JUDGE has refused to allow a Derry man charged with rioting in the city to return to live at his home near the scene of the disturbances.

Mr Justice Weir said he had seen TV reports of several nights of trouble in the Glengalliagh area. He said it was clear that residents ‘ property had been damaged and that they had had enough. He said Seamus Bradley (43), of Moss Park, would ” not be a hero in the area and his face would not be appearing in any murals “. ” You’re a bit long in tooth for this sort of thing,” he said. ” You’d think you would have learnt a bit more seance by now.”

Mr Bradley is charged with riotous behaviour, attempted criminal damage of a police Land Rover and assaulting, resisting and obstructing officers. A prosecution lawyer said police had been called to the area early last Friday. He said between 40 and 50 people threw missiles at police and the trouble went on for three nights. The lawyer said Mr Bradley had been identified as a man who twice threw objects at police and that after he was arrested he lashed out at officers. Mr Bradley told police he had been drinking and could not remember. Police objected to bail, saying tensions were high in the area. The judge said he would consider bail if Mr Bradley could provide another address in the city. He adjourned the case until tomorrow.





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