Old Skool Mondays at Dance Radio UK

  • NEW starting on the dance radio channel next week is OLD SKOOL MONDAYSOld Skool tunage all day and night with the best in classic sets and live showsSo get your whistles out and make some noise oioiAlso Djs wanted to do 2 hour sets

    We now have 2 channels

    The DANCE RADIO channel …this station is dedicated to dance music 24/7

    with live shows each night and a world class selection of essential mixes & podcasts
    at all other times provides you with quality dance music around the clock ….. This is the home of Old Skool Mondays

    if you like more commercial music & more banter
    then check out the very popular THE CHAT BOX channel …

    this is much more chat box orientated and the
    presenters are alot more interactive

    the music is a wide selection of
    80’s, 90’s and noughties, competitions and live calls and is the place to meet friends new and old from around the world …
    and the dance channel
    started in 2011 and based in the UK, 12 months on the station now attracts listeners
    from all around the world …..

    our main website addrerss


    POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Public event · By Matt Jay



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