Mr. Tim Pat Coogan Lecture “Michael Collins & the Bankers” at Glasnevin Museum

Mr. Tim Pat Coogan Lecture "Michael Collins & the Bankers" at Glasnevin Museum

  • Within days of being appointed Minister for
    Finance in 1919 Michael Collins set about raising
    the funds necessary for Dail Eireann.
    The writer Frank O’Connor captures Collins’s
    application.”He was a born improvisator, and from the moment
    he was appointed Finance Minister the department
    of Finance began to function; within a few weeks
    his mighty Loan was under way, and even to-day,
    when we have forgotten or can no longer imagine
    the preposterous conditions under which the
    department worked – censorship, imprisonment,
    confiscation, murder – one is filled with respect for
    the variety and thoroughness of the work
    performed”But what would Ireland’s first Minister for Finance
    make of our present day banking crisis?
    As part of the Glasnevin Trust lecture
    series, renowned historian and writer
    Mr. Tim Pat Cooghan will give an address
    “Michael Collins and the Bankers”.The lecture will take place on the 19th of August
    2012 at 2.30pm in the Glasnevin Museum.
    Tickets cost €10 and all monies raised will go
    towards the upkeep of the cemetery. Places
    are limited so book early to avoid

    Telephone : 01 882 6550 or Email :

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Public event · By Glasnevin Museum

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