[Press Release] TFDP: Human Rights not a priority of PNoy

Human Rights Online Philippines

TFDP: Human Rights not a priority of PNoy

Today Task Force Detainees of the Philippines declared that human rights are not a priority of PNoy.

“It seems that PNoy is a hopeless case. One year after the 2011 hunger strike for Freedom and Human Rights of political prisoners, his government has not released a single political detainee. In fact, this administration is deaf and blind to the reality of political prisoners,” said Emmanuel Amistad, Executive Director of TFDP.

During President Aquino’s 2011 SONA, political prisoners nationwide declared a hunger strike to demand for their release and a human rights agenda of the government. This was triggered by the late issuance by PNoy of his supposed first executive clemency to a political prisoner suffering cancer in the National Bilibid Prison.

TFDP and other human rights groups had a dialogue with the Presidential Human Rights Committee (PHRC) in Malacanang and the

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