Bigot’s Day Out


There’s a nicely paranoid opinion piece in today’s Oirish Independent newspaper attacking Ireland’s Irish-speaking citizens. Why? For daring to speak Irish but of course! How dare these people speak their native language, the indigenous tongue of this island. Don’t they know that they live in Angloland? And with the indulgent tolerance of the Anglo-Irish what’s more. Ungrateful Gaeilgeoirí savages!

“According to a report on RTE News: Nine O’Clock, some Irish-language crowd was complaining that it costs more to send texts in Irish than in English due to the technical difficulty of adding the “fada”.

“No problem,” said I to myself. “What you do there is, you send your texts in English.”

I really felt that I could help these people with one simple message.

“Don’t send your texts in Irish, then. If you want to save yourself a few cents, send them in English, mate.”

I have been sending…

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