Working Class Unity Against Racism & Fascism – March & Rally !

Working Class Unity Against Racism & Fascism - March & Rally

    • Saturday, 21 July 2012
    • 13:00
  • Combermere Street Liverpool
  • James Larkin Trade Union March + Rally
    Saturday 21st July 2012
    ‘’Working-Class Unity against Racism and Fascism’’
    Organised by James Larkin Society Liverpool
    Assemble 1pm at Larkin’s birthplace, Combermere Street, off Park Road, Liverpool 8, and March to City Centre for Rally
    Chair: Alec McFadden, President of Merseyside TUC
    Main Speaker: Billy Hayes, General Secretary, Communication Workers Union
    Speakers also include Paul Jenkins, North-West Regional Organiser, Unite Against Fascism
    Over the past 7 years, this July event has been held to honour the Liverpool-born Irish Trades Unionist, Socialist and Republican, James Larkin (1876-1947). It has acted as a focus to highlight the contemporary issues and struggles of working-class people, in light of the example and inspiration left by Larkin. Each year has seen the event organised around a particular theme. Last year it was the centenary of the Liverpool General Transport Strike of 1911.
    This year the theme is:
    ‘’Working-Class Unity against Racism and Fascism’’
    The reason for this is that in the past year we have witnessed a significant and disturbing rise in threats and activity by extreme right-wing and neo-Nazi groups in Liverpool, including the National Front, NWI (‘North West Infidels’), CXF (‘Combined Ex-Forces’), BNP and EDL. Their activities have included:
    • Harassment of the public sector strike day march in Liverpool in November 2011
    • An attack on an Irish community parade in February 2012
    • Threats against the Occupy Liverpool Camp protesters
    • Attempts to attack the UNITE Liverpool Trades Union office
    • Repeated attacks on the News From Nowhere progressive bookshop
    • Personal threats against prominent local Trades Unionists
    • 4 Far Right candidates stood in the Liverpool Mayoral Elections in May. Their total vote was minimal, but they used the opportunity to spread their message of race hate
    • Verbal abuse and physical threats against PCS Union members on picket-line duty in Bootle during the public sector strike day on 10th May.
    All of this is happening in the context of a government and compliant mass media engaged in the demonization and scape-goating of a range of groups in society, including muslims, immigrant workers, asylum-seekers, the disabled, public sector workers and many others. This is designed to deflect attention away from the destruction of public services and attack on workers’ rights, being undertaken in the interests of an elite of multi-millionaires and corrupt financial institutions. The result is that far right groups have been given a space to grow and spread their message of hate. Their street presence and capacity for violence is now a threat to all groups and individuals they have chosen to target.
    The march and rally on 21st July is an opportunity for trades unionists, members of all of Liverpool’s diverse communities, and all progressive groups to unite in opposition against the threat from these racist and fascist groups.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Public event · By Liverpool Irish Patriots Republican Flute Band


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