YCV Shankill Road band playing outside Catholic Church in Belfast

The Famine Song is popular among some Rangers FC fans who sing it as an insult to rival Celtic supporters. The song was first heard in 2008 and is set to the tune of the Beach Boys ‘ Sloop John B , itself adapted from the Caribbean folk song ‘ The John B Sails.

It’s lyrics have been changed to refer to the Irish Famine, which led to the deaths of one million and the emigration of a million more Irish Catholic‘s to North America, Scotland and England. The original chorus : ” I feel so broke up – I wanna go home ” is replaced with : ” The Famine is over – why don’t you go home ? ” It has been described by Scottish Premier League leaders as ” Racist ” rather than sectarian.

The Republic’s consul general approached the Scottish government about the song and efforts have been made to drive the tune from the soccer terraces. In November 2008 a Rangers fan was found guilty of a breach of the peace for singing the song during a game in Kilmarnock. The proceedings led three Scottish judges to rule that the song was racist because it targeted people of Irish origin.




  1. Na cheilteach,Gaeilge,Dhilis lehEireann says:

    o Orange /Loyalist walks should be allowed.
    Hello and Gods blessings on all Irish People and friends, especially those who speak out against the Masonic ,Loyalist /Orange Orders illegal ,immoral and hate filled anti Catholic Groups that roam through the streets encouraging similar. . They have no right to march any where but are allowed . They dont serve a purpose as what they represent is false and murderous and still many don’t see this and try to credit them as a heritage sector. A Sector for fairy tales ,.Murdering Catholics and all else would suffice The 12 Of July Represents a Justification of murdering Catholics and their only really only Glorious Victory, indirectly .celebrating as such. King William was married to King James Catholic Daughter ,Mary. Their war was for Political and sovereign, Power that and Religion was a product. Around the defeat of “ United Irishmen” which inc Protestants and Catholics, all non -Papal Christians were incited plus indoctrinated with Anti Romanism Catholicism . The Protestant Churches were running around like headless Chickens ,trying to make sense of their religious direction. The Unity of the various Denominations were sealed, by a common Church endorsed Hatred etc of Catholicism. The Orange Order was formed to be the main all Domination Group. From there started the teaching ,etc of murdering Catholics etc. Their laws today,of any who marry a Catholic, or half one are unacceptable to join. Theres plenty more. The Orange /Loyalist murdering believers etc of Catholics, celebrate this as much ,especially in areas/ localities, not theirs. Here in Fermanagh 30 Loyalist and Orange come from all over to march in a 96% Catholic/Republican town.They have nothing only man made manipulating traditions and mythical invented heroes. The KKK are not allowed march in America ,so they come to Impartial Northern Ireland our occupied 6 counties.??>? Just like the Prisoners Gerry Mc Geough and Marian etc , blatant injustices are irrelevant. These Orders are of the Masons are the main mongers of brutality leading to conflicts down the Centauries. Yet since 1997 their marches have increased 27%.???They are illegal in every sense and have no right ,as Neo Nazi, KKK etc , marching in their Countries. The KKK and Loyalist/Orange neo Nazis march under the Zionist Jew Israeli Flag also.Maybe they are sorry for Hitlers murder of millions of jews and others. I don’t think so as their obstacle to world Power is the Catholic Church. Carson called our occupied 6 Counties “A Protestant State for a Protestant People” Not all Protestants agreed and disowned theses sectarian biggotted groups.They were people of Christian faith who should be respected and welcomed for their Religion. The Zionists call Israel a Jewish state for for a Jew people. Again not all are Zionists and their faith should be respected.
    A Bheannaicht Dhia againn ,ar gach dhuine agus ar chairde na hEireann go hairithe iad a labhairt amach in aghaidh na hOrduithe nDílseoiri/ Oraisteach. Ta siad aon cheart chun mairseail ar aon ait.

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