English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution !

Syrian Network for Human Rights
Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies
Report about June Death Toll in Syria 

Tuesday, 3 July, 2012

The following crimes reported are all carried out by the Syrian regime forces during the killing campaign they launched on their unarmed civilians. 
June is considered to be the bloodiest month with at least 2336 confirmed dead including 203 children and 225 women (80 people per day on average)
The statistics of last June show that it has witnessed the gravest violence and largest death toll at the hands of the army and security forces. The Syrian regime perpetrated a large number of massacres during this month in various Syrian governorates harvesting the lives of dozens.
The enclosed link includes the documentation of most of the victims’ names, location, photos and videos. The diagram also illustrates their distribution throughout the duration of the Syrian revolution. Another diagram shows their distribution in Syrian governorates.
We have been able to document 2336 victims in June2012 including:
203 children
225 women
64 killed under torture
151 military personnel
The link below includes the full report of all the names of civilian and military victims as well as most available details for each case. The first few pages include diagrams showing the distribution of victims across Syrian governorates. 
The distribution of victims on governorates was as follows:
Damascus Suburbs: 512
Homs: 447
Idleb: 285
Daraa: 276
Hama: 234
Deir Ezzour: 220
Aleppo: 159
Lattakia: 105
Damascus: 62
Hasakeh: 13
Tartous: 1
Suweida: 1
Non-Syrian victims: 3
These are the data we were able to collect through more than 200 of our members distributed in different Syrian governorates who were able to document and verify the full name, place and time of death for each case. It has to be noted, however, that there have been many cases in which it was hard to get access to such details particularly where massacres took place and towns were besieged and communications cut off which is the typical practice by the Syrian government in such cases. Hence, the real number is likely to be much higher because the Syrian government denies all human rights organizations access to its territories. 
SNHR and DCHRS hold Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president and commander in chief of the Syrian army, responsible for all acts of homicide, torture and massacres committed in Syria as he holds the command responsibility for those acts. They further consider all Syrian regime members and heads of the security and military bodies, directly complicit in those acts in addition to all the financiers and supporters of this regime which is committing massacres on a semi-daily basis and killing dozens around the clock. Moreover, SHNR and DCHRS consider those people responsible for all reactions the Syrian people may have and all the consequences and implications thereof.
SNHR and DCHR further call on the Security Council, the UN and all member states to honour their moral and legal obligation by acting with utmost urgency to undertake all necessary measures for the protection of Syrian civilians and accelerate referring all those implicated in those massacres to the International Criminal Court.
Syrian Network for Human Rights – London
Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies in


RESPONSE POSTED BY :  Muhammad Bin Abdullah 

Samira Ahmad @samirasyria
#Syria Throwing leaflets from helicopter on #Daria warning residents 2 evacuate the city within 4 hours! O God Protect our people in Darya


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