Tracking/Listening device discovered in local 32csm member’s car

On bringing his car in for routine maintenance,a mechanic brought to the attention of a local member of the 32csm that there was something protruding from the underside of the rear bumper of his car.

On wrestling the item free, the men discovered that the object was a covert tracking / listening device which had been covertly concealed, most likely by British crown forces.

The 32 County Sovereignty ask Republicans to remain vigilant and bring any suspicions or approaches to the attention of your local cumann.

————————————————–They have seized another similar Vauxhall vectra car from a former POW in Tyrone leaving him at the side of the road miles from his home with child seats, schoolbags  and other belongings.They have also been active in Creggan estate and were spotted under the car of another member of 32csm.The man subsequently sold the car within days and they were then seen to be attempting to tamper with the replacement during the early hours of the morning.

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