Everyone is wondering if Martin McGunness will meet the Queen, BUT what makes us assume that SHE would even want to meet HIM? Why would she want to shake the hand of the man who has Louis Mountbattens blood on his hands. She was helluva close to old Admiral Pugwash. Why do we just assume that she has sold her misplaced pride and integrety just because Martin has sold his. The Queen would earn my begrudged respect if she told Martin to “go forth and combust.”
She will loathe meeting him but hes relishing the prospect of meeting her and i still cant figure out why. Hes even keener to meet the Queen than Michael Fagan was.
I bet he even wrote to Jim’ll fix it when he was a kid asking if he could get to meet the Queen of england.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :   Tiocfaidh Ar La



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