Does Israel Control Your News?

Do the Zionists control the main stream media? You be the judge: Yesterday 7 people were killed in Gaza, two were teenagers and two more were tiny children; and there were over 14 people injured, along with homes and cars which were also destroyed. Yet, when I did a “google” search for “news” this morning, look at the results (below) that came up for “latest news in last 24 hours” notice anything wrong??

So, have we all been kidnapped and taken to some alternate universe? Every news story is about poor little israel (where no one died and only three soldiers were mildly injured) yet we see page after page, story after story, and they are all about “poor little israel under attack.” NO mention whatsoever of the 7 murdered in Gaza or the 14 injured. Nope, Nothing, Zippo, Nada…..

Somehow the perception of reality has been bent out of shape, black has become white, wrong has become right, evil has become good………….

“google” “Latest News” results the fact that Israel has murdered 7 (including children) and injured 14 in Gaza

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Irish Friends of Palestine


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