• Saturday, 23 June 2012
    • 14:00
  • Assemble at Dunville Park, Falls Road, Belfast.
  • Truth and Justice– Not JubilationOn June 26th and 27th, the British Queenwill arrive in the Six Counties to view her Irish colony.Elizabeth Windsor is the Commander-in-Chiefof Britain’s armed forces.Over the course of the previous more than forty years in Ireland, in her name, those forces have:

    Implemented internment without trial and perpetrated mass murder against civilian protestors who objected to such human rights abuses

    Tortured and abused prisoners

    Murdered school-children with both lead and plastic bullets

    Murdered many unarmed civilians

    In conjunction with unionist death squads which Britain trained and armed, conducted a prolonged campaign of murder against men, women and children of all ages from within the nationalist community

    Continued to conceal and obstruct the truth about Britain’s role in the murders of many hundreds of Irish people

    Used the most draconian and repressive laws found anywhere in modern Europe

    Falsely imprisoned innocent men and women

    Added to the above is the fact that the British state and the British Crown represents all that is wrong in modern society – unjust wars against, and invasions of, other nations; exploitation of the working classes by a small, rich and powerful elite; tens of thousands thrown out of work and vital public services slashed to pay for the greed of the banks; the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer.

    On Saturday 23rd June, you have a choice – join in a public demonstration to demand truth and justice for the British Crown’s victims in Ireland and elsewhere, or simply abide by the wishes of the British state. Which choice will you make?

    Join the “Justice and Truth – not Jubilation” protest assembling at 2.00pm at Dunville Park, Falls Road, Belfast.

    No party political banners

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  By Michael Hogan


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